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Private sessions:

Restore flow and freedom to your physical and subtle bodies



Hi I am Kirusha. 

I have been interested in personal growth and healing for most of my life. That has led to an amazing journey, learning and practicing many different modalities - all with a holistic focus.


I am now up levelling my work to incorporate a multidimensional perspective and quantum healing.

My passion is helping people break free from cycles and patterns which keep them stuck and hold them back. My goal is to help you make empowered choices and find freedom.

You can read more about this in my chapter of the book Ignite Possibilities.

I look forward to helping you design and choose the life you want to live....

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“Kirusha is that unique blend of logical/ analytical and practical but brings an incredible spiritual and intuitive guidance to her therapy sessions. I always look for someone who has that extra 'otherworldly' intuition and Kirusha is exactly that. Her guidance and therapy is concise, efficient and straight to the point but is gentle, loving and intuitive at the same time. I got so much from deep dive with Kirusha and I really appreciated her time and honesty. It's only been a few days but I'm feeling a lot lighter and freer from my issues. Would I recommend Kirusha? Hand on my heart - I'd give her a huge YES. Go for it! She is incredible.”

A.M. - Sydney

“I am delighted to say that my session with Kirusha was an amazing experience! She was compassionate and kind, and really understood me from the start. She was able to get to the heart of my issues about speaking with and approaching others about my new business. I feel it's much easier and more natural to broach marketing conversations with potential clients. I find myself confidently discussing my business! This is a huge breakthrough for me! I am forever grateful to Kirusha for her blessing of such an excellent service. I owe her a great debt in helping me build a business more joyfully and effortlessly. I highly recommend Kirusha and her expertise in hypnosis to help - it helped me immensely!”

R.B. - Los Angeles

“My session with Kirusha was amazing. I really felt a shift and change in myself and since have felt more confident and comfortable in myself. I felt very relaxed and comfortable in my online session. I highly recommend doing an RTT session with Kirusha. The outcome has been amazing .”

MVDB - Port Fairy

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